“Her professionalism and dedication to her clients goes beyond anything I have experienced and it shows on my skin.”


“I highly recommend Teko Skincare for all skin needs. While performing a back wax, she noticed a spot on the back of my right shoulder that I hadn't seen until she pointed it out. At her suggestion, I went to see my dermatologist and a biopsy was done. It turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma, which has been taken care of. Once I shared with my doctor how it was Teko who identified it, he was very impressed and asked me to thank her on his behalf. 

Teko really has your back! She is simply the best in the skincare profession.”



“Teko assessed my skin and designed a program specifically for me. Over the next several months Teko used microcurrent, LED light and a product named Epionce. After every appointment, my skin became more youthful and hydrated and people around me noticed the shift. I have heard about Teko's facials for years but I promise she exceeds her reputation. Her professionalism and dedication to her clients goes beyond anything I have experienced and it shows on my skin. Thank you, Teko. You truly are the best."


“I have been a client of Teko for nearly 5 years and highly recommend her services. Teko possesses a rare combination of qualities. She is highly professional, keenly intelligent and direct, yet at the same time gentle, attentive and nurturing. Despite having been diagnosed with rosacea for 12 years my skin is clear, healthy and I can easily pass for being 10 years younger than my true age.  Best of all, I do not have to worry about what I do for my skin. I trust Teko, she knows!”


“I've been coming to Teko for nine years for my brows and facials. As an ex-New Yorker, finding Teko was a stroke of luck. She has an artist's eye and is a true perfectionist. The salon is an oasis of calm. Whenever my skin looks particularly good my husband asks 'Have you been to Teko?' She's really that good.”


“Teko has an artistic eye for customizing each individual client. She listens to our needs, provides a cutting edge service and wonderful enhancing skin care products. I have always felt Teko has the highest standards and great energy that she gives us each and every time. I have been coming to Teko for over 20 years.”

“Teko has studied many years and tests all of her procedures on herself before she uses them on her clients. I have been amazed at the difference in my skin and face and its youthful appearance due to Teko's masterful work. I highly recommend her services and advice.”

“I have been seeing Teko for over 10 years. She was recommended by my Dermatologist as my hormones are somewhat out of whack and my face seems to be the brunt of that condition. Teko is the only aesthetician that has been able to help me. She is professional, very knowledgeable, and knows and cares about her clients. Even if you have no real skin issues I highly recommend seeing Teko and let her pamper you. She also carries an array of products including Epionce which I swear by. Teko is the best!”

“With her electric persona and passionate spirit, you are guaranteed to leave with great skin and a good laugh.”


“Teko's facials are the best facials I have ever received. Her facials are customized so she works so hard to accommodate my very sensitive, dry skin. Her products are superior to any I have used and her LED treatments transformed my skin in very little time. Teko never leaves the room like many other estheticians I have been to—she is either tending to my face or giving a wonderful foot / hand massage. Her waxing talent is perfection and her staff always cordial. She truly is dedicated to giving the best care to her clients and it really shows in my skin. Thank you Teko!!!”